INC Wednesdays


Known as "INC Wednesdays", the club offers its members activities geared towards the non-working spouse, always scheduled on Wednesday mornings. 

1st Wednesdays of the month 

Our main venue is our Monthly Meetup, which is held the first Wednesday of each month, at one of two alternating venues. Monthly Meetups are held at Café Cultura in Itaim Bibi and Bazaars are held at the Espaço Escandinavo  near Chácara Flora. 

INC Monthly Meetups 
On non-vendor days, please join us for our Monthly Meetups. You will find a breakfast buffet waiting for you, as well as many opportunities to socialize with old and new friends. Dicas books are also on sale there. Monthly Meetups are free of charge for our members. Visitors are always welcome, but there is an entrance fee. 

INC Bazaars 
INC Bazaars are held at the Espaço Escandnavo on Rua Job Lane, 1030, in the Alto da Boa Vista neighborhood. At bazaars, local vendors are present with a variety of homemade crafts, art work, food, and many other Brazilian and international goods. We sell the INC Dicas (packed with helpful information about living in São Paulo) and INC Dicas - The Kitchen Edition Cookbooks*. Coffee and other beverages are available. 
* The INC cookbook is currently sold out. 

Our Board of Directors is always present at both venues, and will be happy to assist you upon your arrival. 

For information on the next Monthly Meetups, please contact our Monthly Meetups Director at 

2nd Wednesdays of the month*

Red Rose Coffees that are geared towards providing new members with helpful information about settling in. Upon joining INC, a new member will be formally invited to attend these coffees, but all members are welcome to attend Red Rose Coffees, and to help us welcome new members. This is a great opportunity to meet other new members in a more intimate environment, either at a local establishment or at a member’s home. Helpful hints are always shared, as well as useful information about the club and about the city. 

* 2020: Red Rose Coffees are temporarily suspended, but our Red Rose activities are integrated into other activities to make sure every new member feels welcome!

For information on the next Red Rose Coffee, please contact our Red Rose Director at 

3rd Wednesdays of the month*

The INC Board of Directors plans a monthly activity on the 2rd Wednesday of the month. We welcome suggestions from our membership on interesting activities as well. 

For more information, please e-mail the INC President at 

4th Wednesdays of the month*

Each month, INC members are invited to attend a lunch at a local restaurant around town. This is a fantastic opportunity to try a new place, as well as to meet new friends and to chat in a more cozy and intimate environment. Luncheons are scheduled in a different area of the city each month, and are usually paired with a cultural activity or unique shopping experience. 

For information on the next Monthly Luncheon, please contact our Luncheons Director at 


Guests to INC meetings and events are always welcome. An entrance fee for guests at INC Monthly Meetups is charged. Guests are welcome to attend one INC event before joining. Selected events are open to non-members, but INC members always have priority in reservations and fees may apply to non-members. 


INC aims to provide interesting activities to its members. Members are reminded that participation in INC activities is entirely at the members’ own discretion and/or risk. Neither the Club nor its representatives shall be held responsible for injury, damage, or loss incurred by participation in Club events. All INC-sponsored activities must be proposed through the INC Board. Activities involving commercial establishments and individual service providers shall receive the same treatment, and may be admitted, as long as the main purpose of the activity meets the main INC objective (social). Businesses involved shall be allowed to provide business cards at the activity to participants, so that participants may seek their services later if they like. Businesses shall not be allowed to gather personal information on the participants, including e-mails, for future commercial use, use photographs of INC events for commercial purposes, nor distribute business cards, flyers or any other advertising material at other INC events

Please note that use of the INC e-mails and membership database for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited, and subject to exclusion from the club and from future advertising opportunities. 

* For the purposes of INC policies, if the activity proposed is that which normally generates revenue or promotes the sale of goods and/or services for that person, it will be considered commercial, regardless of whether or not the proposed activity through INC itself will generate profit. Similarly, if the activity proposed is unrelated in any way, directly or indirectly, to the person’s commercial activity, it will be deemed non-commercial for the purposes of this policy.