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The International Newcomers Club - 62 Years of History and Tradition in São Paulo
INC is a non-profit, English-speaking association that aims to assist new arrivals in becoming acquainted with their newcommunity, to provide continuous support and opportunities to its members. The club offers a variety of social and cultural events on a regular basis and serves as an important resource for information on living in São Paulo. As part of its efforts to integrate members into the community, the club supports local charities through periodic fund-raising events, as well as encouraging hands-on volunteering. INC also develops literary and editorial printed materials to further benefit its members and reinvests all of the proceeds into the club.INC is a non-profit, English-speaking association that aims to assist new arrivals in becoming acquainted with their new home.

INC finds its strength in the amazing contributions of its members. Run entirely by volunteers, INC members have generously donated their time and skills to keep this club running for 61 years. Our volunteer Board of Directors governs the club. The Executive Board is made up of three elected officials (President, Treasurer and Secretary) and three appointed Vice-Presidents (Welcoming, Events and Communications), each of whom lead the team in their respective areas. The full Board also includes Directors in the areas of Membership, Monthly Meetups, Red Rose, Activities, Community Services, Monthly Lunch, Commercial Relations, Advertising and Marketing. The Advisor to the Board also plays an important role, providing historical insight and advisement to insure the continuity of the club. Also essential to the club are the Dicas Editor, Area Representatives and Special Interest Group Coordinators. Also working alongside our directors are the INC Accountant and INC Attorney, who provide legal and accountancy advisement and services regularly, and count on continued communications with our Past Presidents and other Lifetime Members, who provide valuable insight into the history of the club.

The club has been a beacon for expat arrivals for six decades and has existed alongside many other organizations that represent the different nationalities and cultures in the city: Accueil (French), The American Society of São Paulo, The Australian Society of São Paulo, The British Society of São Paulo, The Canadian International Society (currently not running) and The Saint Andrew Society of São Paulo, just to name a few. INC also played an important role in the birth of two other organizations in our community. Once an INC Area, the International Expats of Alphaville has since grown into an independent club for those living in the cities of Aldeia da Serra and Paranapiacaba. Similarly, the now prominent Club de Amigas Latinas began as a weekly activity for the Spanish-speaking members of our club. INC coordinates its calendar with the other organizations in our community so that important events never overlap and our community can take the fullest advantage of the oppoortunites we provide. INC also participates in the reciprocal exchange of support with these organizations, promoting each other's key events and on occasion partnering up to create something extra special for the community.

1960s - Founding a New Club
Sixty-one years ago, a small group of expat women came together to support each other in their adventures in this foreign land. It was these ladies who came together for coffee every Wednesday morning that planted the first seed, expanding their friendships and sharing their enthusiasm and vision to make São Paulo a good place to live.  It was through the efforts of those women that the International Newcomers' Club of São Paulo began.

1970s - Exchanging our First Dicas
In the 1970's, INC established its first permanent address and began to host its Monthly Coffees at St. Paul's Anglican Church on Rua Elias Zarzur, 1231 in the Alto da Boa Vista Neighborhood. During this decade, INC began a "Shopping Card File", which would eventually turn into the DICAS book, the most respected and popular guide to SP city, writen by expats for expats.

1980s & 1990s - Establishing our Activities
In the 1980's INC moved locations to the traditional SPAC - São Paulo Athletic Club. In 1990, INC's permanent address and Coffees relocated for the first semester to the Fellowship Church an later to the Hilton Hotel then located on Avenida Ipiranga. In November, it again relocated to the Brasilton Hotel at Rua Martins Fontes, 330. In December 1990, INC announced its new "home", the Scandinavian Church, on Rua Job Lane, 1030. 

Early 2000s - A New Structure Begins
In May 2007, the Scandinavian Church underwent renovations and INC once again had to relocate. The May Coffee was held at the Banespa Club, the second semester at Kolping German Catholic Club and the first semester of 2008 at the Business Center near Transamerica Hotel. INC finally moved its bazaars back to the Scandinavian Church in August 2008 and has held them there since.

Today - We've Come a Long Way!

From its early days as an expat ladies club, Newcomers’ has followed the times and has become one of the city’s most prominent organizations for the international community. Since 1961, thousands of families from all over the world have made the most of INC as source of friendships and social activities. Today, INC is not just for brand new arrivals. Our members who have been here the longest also benefit from the ongoing support that INC provides, and offer a wealth of information for our newest arrivals. INC is also not just for women anymore. With the ever-changing face of society, INC members include singles, families, couples with no children, and couples in which the wife is the working spouse - and INC’s diverse activities are a reflection of these ongoing changes. 

Reaching Out to the Local Community
INC also has a very special Community Services program. Newcomers are invited to make a real difference in peoples’ lives. Our efforts are concentrated on the amazing human potential we have in our club, and focus on getting members directly involved in volunteerism in local institutions, while providing the financial support that is needed. 

Our main purpose is to help new arrivals become acquainted with the community, to facilitate social contacts, to share information and to provide activities for all members of the family. We've maintained our tradition of INC Wednesdays, an easy way to plan ahead and know that there will be something on your calendar every week.

Social Calendar
We hold our main event, Monthly Meetups, for all members and potential members on the 1st available Wednesday of the month. 

On 2nd available Wednesday of the month, we host Red Rose Coffees that are geared more towards new members. Each new member will be invited to attend three of these coffees, but are welcome to attend many more. It is a great opportunity to meet other new members in a more intimate environment, as it is usually held at a member’s home. 

The 3rd and 4th Wednesdays of the month are filled with INC Activities and INC Lunches, respectively, giving members an opportunity to see the city and make new friends.

Creating Lasting Friendships
We are also on Facebook with a dedicated INC group, in which INC members have access to information, questions and answers, and upcoming events. To protect member identities and content, the group is "secret" in status and available to members only. Every week, members also receive a weekly update with news and events around town.  All of these steps aim to create opportunities for expats to socialize and to build lasting friendships.

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Leaving Brazil can be equally challenging and INC is also there to help you in your new adventures, wherever you go. We have a dedicated group for former members outside of Brazil that allows you to keep in touch and find the support needed to face these new changes.

If you would like to become a member of INC, you can apply online or email us at

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